A 5 star employee incentive

A 5 star employee incentive


To motivate eligible staff to exceed their sales targets and win the opportunity to sample the delights of a tropical paradise as part of a "money can't buy" experience.


We designed a five star incentive programme which offered eligible staff the chance to win an all expenses paid trip for the qualifier and their partner to travel to the idyllic setting in the Maldives.

Working with our client, we developed a 12 month communications campaign aimed at inspiring staff to strive for their luxury prize. A competitive on line leader board tracked results and created a gamification element to the programme and allowed staff to track their progress throughout the campaign.

The campaign was enhanced with an awards ceremony taking place at the annual sales kick off conference at the start of the year. This enabled the senior management team to personally thank qualifiers for their contribution and show the staff and their peers what was in store for them with a short video of the trip elements.

At the same time - with the aid of a great network of local partners - we developed a range of bespoke activities for the lucky qualifiers and their partners to enjoy during their time in the Maldives, to create this once in a lifetime experience. From personalised spa treatments to hand made place cards, no detail was left to chance.


The campaign motivated the sales staff to drive forward with their targets and creating a competitive edge with the leader board, worked in generating friendly competition amongst the teams. As a direct result of the campaign and the motivation created to close business, the client saw a 5% increase, an excellent return on investment for the financial outlay of the campaign.

Importantly, the on-going communication around the campaign created momentum and interest throughout the year and results driven motivation.


Feedback on the delivery and execution of the programme was excellent from the client and trip attendees alike. Our client now includes this programme on its annual marketing budget and is expanding it into other areas of the business as they see true ROO and ROI from its implementation.