A Virtual World

A Virtual World

With the ever changing world landscape it was important for this client to hold their successful customer event which enabled multiple forms of connection between customers, sales teams and senior executives.

However, this client is acutely aware of the ever changing landscape and the need to have a more sustainable event approach to their plans.

We were asked to provide a concept which allowed for customers to still meet with a customers in regional locations to provide the networking and relationship building opportunities, but also provide a virtual programme which would engage with customers from areas which were less likely to attend a central event.

The outcome was a twelve month plan using a range of media to communicate and promote to the target audiences and provide a platform for community and discussion on an on-going basis.

Those who attended the face to face experience were treated to a variety of content and networking opportunities while the "virtual" attendees were invited to join keynote sessions, customer speakers and specific industry sector debates.

The format led to an increase in participation on previous years, a chance to build on-going discussion and community which has proved valuable to the clients sales teams and customers alike.