Fast start to sales success

Fast start to sales success


This high tech sales driven company needed to keep their fast paced team of Sales and Pre-Sales staff motivated for the year ahead. They wanted to develop an incentive campaign throughout the year to help drive sales, culminating in a luxury trip in January for their top achievers from the previous year.


We developed a motivational campaign which ran on the clients internal communications platform, linked to targets and leader boards to create a competitive edge. The system provided teaser information on the trip details as well as business content on current bids and wins throughout the year. The platform included a social media element for comments and discussion which allowed us to ensure the content provided was timely and relevant.

Alongside we built an exciting programme for a four day ski trip to a luxury resort in Colorado. For experienced and beginner skiers alike, the trip offered something everyone could enjoy and with lots of activities and events scheduled day and night, there was always something to keep people busy. Chartered passenger jets with company branding took the group from various major hubs throughout Europe and the US and every details on the ground was planned to perfection - nothing was left to chance.

The welcoming on site team helped guests throughout their stay and ensured even those who chose not to participate in skiing, still had the trip of a lifetime.

Finishing touches such as small room gifts, personalised itineraries and a fully inclusive service provided a luxury feel throughout the event.


A truly motivated sales and pre sales team worked hard to participate in this fantastic reward. Their achievements were first acknowledged on stage in front of their peers at the annual kick off meeting, before jetting off to this amazing destination.

Year on year the programme created excitement and friendly competition which helped to drive sales and create a feeling of true reward and recognition for their efforts.