Maximum impact from a cost conscious investment

Maximum impact from a cost conscious investment


In a crowded and highly competitive market where large household name brands have significant budgets to invest in their booth space and associated marketing activities, our client needed to be able to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their solutions with a much smaller budget to work within.


To provide a highly visual, interactive and practical space enabling the stand staff to connect with the passing visitors while providing enough privacy to conduct meaningful conversations.

By using a mix of rental structure and custom build pieces, we were able to create a stand design which offered a unique space to create a customer journey.

Each area provided specific messaging on solution areas and allowed for hand on demos and discussion while on the stand. The addition of a gaming station drew visitors to the stand by creating noise and attention to passers by.

The sales team on the stand were left with areas which they could utilise for discussion, demos and in depth conversation when necessary.


A cost conscious yet highly effective space was provided within budget which drew attention, presented the company as a professional yet dynamic player in the industry which easily stood next to larger higher spend booths, without looking low budget or uninteresting.

The client experienced a higher number of visitors than in previous years with good quality conversations and further follow up required post event.